Astral police of the light – Page 2

that the nature endowed them. Is it good or bad? That’s the question for philosophers, but not for a dark magician who lived many centuries ago. Since personal freedom always leads to contradictions with other people it doesn’t matter whether they have magical abilities or not.

The most interesting thing begins afterwards depending on your abilities and inclinations. The astral selects the form in which you will communicate with it. This will determine your strengths and weaknesses compared to other people who have astral force. The astral is multifaceted and so far nobody has managed to understand it completely. Perhaps it will be done by you, or maybe not. Anyway, people with magical powers have more chances to realize this than ordinary people will have even after tens of thousands of years.

Therefore it has always upset me that many people can’t find themselves in this world. First of all you have to understand yourself in order to be free. That’s why I respect even those light magicians that I’ve killed and those magicians that I’m going to kill in the future and as well those who will probably kill me. Since those who have entered the astral always know that their destination is found and it doesn’t matter whether they are light or dark. Contradictions always exist and it doesn’t matter whether you can incinerate opponents with your look or you are just an ordinary person.


Chapter 1. Unexpected offer.

The astral light police is not just an organization that fights against the forces of darkness that break the existing balance, but also they stop those ones of light who want to cross the line or have already crossed it, provoking the darkness to respond.

This manual or narration was written to train the young astral police officers of the light to resist the darkness.

Alex Ring.

A light magician of level 8, the head of one of the strongest departments of the astral police of light. The date of writing is unknown.

When I was offered to become the head of the astral police department of the world, I was surprised, because I had no desire to enter a fight. But apparently, having crossed the 8th level of force, and having repulsed 10 attempts of