Astral police of the light – Page 26

After these words, he nodded to each of the gang, turned and went to his BMW slowly. There was the body of dead Logan Brooks lying in the back seat.

The vampire girl followed him giving a charming smile to wizards.

Alex Ring and Liam Moore looked at each other pointedly and went to the car. They were obviously going to discuss the incident at the police of light office. Moreover, now they didn’t have anything to do here. It only remained to put the street in order. That was a duty of the detectives of the police of light who were still nearby.

A small trick of Nick Holl didn’t embarrass them at all. It wasn’t an attack, but rather the opportunity to throw out the rage and show the line beyond which the police of light officers shouldn’t enter.

In any case, every one of those leaving wizards understood that the new life of Luke Russell had already begun. Very soon the new astral judge will strengthen the order, which he tried to break. This was not surprising thing. It happens that the main troublemakers become the foundation of balance and provided better order than anyone else.

Author: L.P.