The Astral World is an augmented reality application in which you will gain magical abilities and protect the interests of light or darkness.

Our application is supported only by iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max.

Two main functions are available in the application:

The first function is an entrance to the astral using the phone’s camera, through it you can look at the world, identify people who can possess magical powers and detect astral offender.

In addition to the main functions:

Scenario is the identification of people who may have magical powers, and the ability to detect astral offender.

Scan the territory – a term that will mean you have to look at the world around you through the phone’s camera after you press the button to enter Astral.

When the scenario becomes available (it means the astral camera detect a person nearby).

Then, an icon will most likely appear over one of the people. It indicates the completion of a certain scenario (the main thing is to scan people who are nearby through the astral camera). You should click quickly on the appeared icon, for this you will gain experience.

Informational messages appear in the application as well. At first they will help you a lot to get comfortable in Astral World.

Mana is removed from you for each entrance to the astral, for each scenario you went through. Over time, mana will be restored.

There is an opportunity to replenish mana quickly with the help of astral artifacts, which can be bought in an astral shop. Purchased artifacts will be added to your equipment, after which they can be used.

If you want to know more what the astral world is, we have written a book specially for. It is available on our website. Also there is a book in the equipment of the application of the astral world. Click on it and you will immediately get to the section of the website where you can read the book.