Astral police of the light – Page 1


The Astral is how you look at this world. This is the way you see the surrounding: objects, people, animals and many other things. The thing is that most people have only one kind of vision and some like me have two.

If you ever wondered how to look at the world in another way, then most likely the world of astral has almost opened the door for you. It remains only to make the last step, after which you will be able to reveal your full potential and take a look at the world in a new way.

However everything isn’t as simple as it seems at first glance. Everyone chooses the side to join when he enters the astral for the first time. Sometimes this is a deliberate choice, sometimes it isn’t. This process happens in different ways for everyone. Very few can explain it or at least try to understand it.

In the astral there are two sides of the force light and dark. Sometimes the choice depends on what the man did throughout his life. Sometimes the last action before entering the astral becomes crucial. Sometimes it depends on our friends who have made a choice before, but with whom we are closely connected.

Anyway there’s no way back or it’s considered that there’s none. You have to try to answer this question yourself. After all if everything is possible for a man, then especially such obstacles don’t exist for a spirit if this spirit possesses the magic of the astral. This is the matter of desire and time.

What is the difference between the dark and the light side?

The main difference is the attitude to the world around. The man, who chooses the light side in the astral, is more worried about others than about himself. Is it good or bad? I’m not the man who will judge, but history knows many cases when it led either to great troubles or great achievements that have made the world better.

Those who put freedom above all choose the dark side of the astral. They don’t want to make the world better or worse. They simply enjoy the opportunities